Thursday, April 9, 2015 at 09:45AM
Rev. Ajabu

                           QUARTERBACKING: IS IT TIME TO PICK UP THE GUN??

Now again we have concrete evidence that police make up stories to justify their outright murder of men of African descent.

 Quaterbacking is what I call this act of lying by police and it is taken from a scene in the movie "Training Days." In this scene Denzel along with some other police officers torture, rob and kill a big drug dealer. Once the operation is completed Denzel jumps into an easy chair and says “now let me quarterback this thing.” By quarterback he meant to make up a lie to tell to his superiors and the public about how this killing went down so the lie will look like the truth. This is how this scene relates to the killing of Walter Scott.

Initially when Officer Michael Slager killed Walter Scott the officer made up the lie that he was struggling with Walter, Walter had taken his Taser, the officer feared for his life, so his fear justified the taking of Walter’s life. In the movie we had the benefit of knowing that the cops were lying. In real life the quarterbacking scene is most times not there. But in the murder of Walter we are privileged to see Officer Slager doing the quarterbacking. There is a video.

Now this video raises all kinds of questions and reveals all kinds of truths. Let me deal with some questions first:

Here are some revelations:

I could go on and on about truths being revealed. However I am going to conclude with raising one more issue. The death of Officer Perry Renn is also being quarterbacked. Major Davis’ lawyers have evidence from the Marion County Coroner that precisely states that the metal fragments that killed Renn did not come from bullets. That means the bullets that Major is accused of shooting could not have, and did not kill this officer. This quarterbacking is more tragic because Major’s attorneys are part of the team that is doing the quarterbacking.


Here’s my conclusion: I would suggest at this point that you buckle up!  The following is a link that gives an excellent analysis of Indiana’s stand your ground law as applied for a defense for Major.

http://advanceindiana.blogspot.com/2014/07/probable-cause-affidavit-in-impd.html (Major Davis probable cause affidavit with analysis for “Stand Your Ground” Defense)

Here's what Indiana's Stand Your Ground Law says:

(i)                  A person is justified in using reasonable force against a public servant if the person reasonably believes the force is necessary to: (1) protect the person or a third person from what the person reasonably believes to be the imminent use of unlawful force;

According to the law and with what we know now, the person who shot this video would have been within the law of Indiana if he had shot and killed Officer Slager before Slager could have murdered Walter. Slager was using unlawful force which is the reason he now sits in jail facing murder charges. Any citizen exercising this legal right would have saved Walter’s life and been justified for taking Officer Slager’s. Is it time for citizens to demand police have body cams while we have our own cameras along with our own gun so when we experience a cop unlawfully using deadly force that we can lawfully use deadly force and stop the officer from breaking the law? You know what my answer is. Do you have the courage to share yours? If so please do. YOU READY?


Quarterbacking: Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Release The Video!

At the news conference Chief Hite revealed that they have recovered two videoes of the killing of Mack (Julius) Long. If IMPD does not release the video then I say it is a sign that they are quarterbacking the killing of Jilius. They are in the back room making up a story to justify the unjustified killing of our brother. I am calling on the release of the video now!! Don't tell us the investigation stops the release of the video. Don't tell us that it is the job of the prosecutor to release the video. We don't care whose job it is we just want them to realease the video. Transparentcy is the verification of honesty. The release of the videoes should be immediated!!!! Wouldn't you agree?



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