Wednesday, April 15, 2015 at 10:12AM
Rev. Ajabu

 Chief Hite released an edited version of the video. You can view the video here


Look at the clock in the lower left hand corner. At the 18:27 mark you see the clock jump to the 18:36 mark. That is a nine second gap! We want the full video released!! Your signature will help get this mission accomplished. Thanks in advance. Together we win!!


Quarterbacking: Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Release The Video!

At the news conference Chief Hite revealed that they have recovered two videoes of the killing of Mack (Julius) Long. If IMPD does not release the video then I say it is a sign that they are quarterbacking the killing of Jilius. They are in the back room making up a story to justify the unjustified killing of our brother. I am calling on the release of the video now!! Don't tell us the investigation stops the release of the video. Don't tell us that it is the job of the prosecutor to release the video. We don't care whose job it is we just want the realease of the video. Transparentcy is the verification of honesty. The release of the videoes should be immediated!!!! Wouldn't you agree?


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