Tuesday, March 24, 2015 at 05:20PM
Rev. Ajabu

Rev. Mmoja Ajabu Statement


Major Davis II Transfer To Indiana Department of Corrections

March 23, 2015


I have prayed and God has answered my prayer.

From the evidence I have, and from the extreme opposition I have observed in regards to the prosecutor to hear Major Davis’ case fairly, an injustice will be carried out, namely, that Mr. Major Davis will be put to death at the hands of the state.   What is even more heinous is that Mr. Davis’ defense attorneys are actively helping the prosecutor in this endeavor. The public has not been made aware of the fact that the autopsy report conducted on Officer Renn shows that bullets did not kill the officer.  Both the state prosecutor and the defense team know of this finding.

Yes, let me say it again:  bullets did not kill officer Renn.  The movement of Major to Wabash is just another attempt to deny Major his right to justice.

I have acquired a document filed by Major Davis II’s lawyers. In this document there is a reference to a clergyman who some reporters speculate is me. Let me state for the record that some of what is in that document is in fact referring to me. I will address those references.  However, I want to acknowledge that there are other references to a member of the clergy which do not refer to me. I refuse to honor lies. The God I serve is the God of Truth. Lies are of the Devil.

What is true is that I have exculpatory information that could set Major free.  The information that I have that will set Major free I received from Major’s attorneys Ray Casanova & Eric Koselke. They received the information from the prosecutor who received it from the Marion County Coroner.  What is not true is that I asked to be paid in exchange for this information.

And speaking of pay:  I receive no money for my advocacy work.  On the other hand, both the prosecutor and the public defenders receive pay from our tax money. They get paid out of the same pot. So in actuality they are on the same team because they have the same employer.  This fact, and that of their loyalty, is obvious in Major’s case because his own lawyers are working to help kill him. They tax us and then use the money to get us a lawyer who works against us. Then they want us to accept that we got a fair trial.

Father use me and your saints to help stop this travesty of justice. You brought Major back from the dead. You obviously have more for him to do. He has been chosen to expose the corruption that is done to us in the name of justice. Father give the people of God the strength to stand with this child of God so thy will be done.

Here is more about the evidence that I have that supports Major’s case: On an email dated July 16, 2014 Melissa Wilson informed Dr. Mirfirda Geller of the Marion County Coroner’s office that the fragments that killed Officer Renn did not come from bullets. If bullets did not kill Officer Renn, then that means Major Davis II, accused of fatally shooting Officer Renn, did not kill him.

Yes I have this document that should free Major. I got this document from Major’s attorneys. I raise the question again; why hasn’t Major’s lawyers filed the paperwork that will free him? If they are working for him, then not to file is to work against him. You can find the answer in this video.


Posted by Brian Whit on Saturday, April 4, 2015

Regularly I’ve gone to see Major and we prayed together. We prayed that the lawyers will do their job and free him. He made a formal request for a fast and speedy trial.  After weeks with no response, he was refused this request.  His constitutional right denied and his lawyers did nothing! In fact, they applauded this travesty of justice. What would be the behavior of whites if this was done to a white man by a system controlled by people of African descent?

If you carry your emotions on your shoulder please have tissue next to you. This video maybe too deep for many to watch. "What if the script was flipped?"

Posted by The Uncanny Truth Teller on Wednesday, March 25, 2015


The lawyers have a duty to practice the law so that Major Davis is freed. They have moved him from Indianapolis, but they must know that God is in Wabash as he is in Indianapolis.  God will set him free!! And when it is time to claim victory, To God will be the glory!! And the people of God said AMEN!!



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